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Cavi-Jet Technology
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The newest hull Cavi-Jet technology uses special Cavi-Jet cleaning systems:

  • Hand-held diving Cavi-Jet pistols for cleaning curvilinear and hard-to-reach surfaces with a cleaning rate of up to 250-350 m2/hour. Equipped with a jet nozzle, which compensates for the recoil factor, and cleaning mode control.
Cavi-Jet pistol
Technical data
  • Semi-automatic self-propelled Cavi-Jet heads of various sizes for flat surface cleaning of marine growth varying in thickness, and a cleaning rate of up to 600-900 m2/hour (equipped with adjustable Cavi-Jet automotive mover, hydrodynamic suction system that simultaneously clings to the object being cleaned and purges the work area of debris, and control modes for speed adjustment and cleaning).
Cavi-Jet head
Technical data
Watch video and photo demos of the Cavi-Jet equipment in action!
  • Twin self-propelled Cavi-Jet heads for huge flat surface cleaning of marine growth, and a cleaning rate of up to 1200-1500 m2/hour (having the above mentioned features of single Cavi-Jet heads).
Cavi-Jet mini-system
Technical data
  • Underwater CCTV and video controls assist in operating Cavi-Jet cleaning and polishing equipment.
Telemetry/Video control device
Technical data
  • Remote controlled programmable Cavi-Jet cleaning devices with improved productivity (pilot designs).

  • Unique devices for after cleaning polishing of curvilinear and flat surfaces of the underwater hull.

Equipment - independent, modular, and/or mobile - is selected depending on production requirements and user's needs.