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Cavi-Jet Technology
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The Unique Cavi-Jet systems, designed and patented to clean underwater objects, have proven to be effective and reliable in giving excellent cleaning results.

A variety of Cavi-Jet underwater cleaning appliances make it possible to quickly and effectively remove all types of marine growth, regardless of thickness.

Dry-dock Watch Video and Photo Demos of the Cavi-Jet equipment in Action!

This equipment is effective on large flat and curved surfaces, as well as hard-to-reach areas. If necessary, it is also possible to clean a ship's hull to bare metal.

Underwater hull cleaning can be successfully performed with unrivalled speed between dry dock cycles (cleaning intervals), without interrupting cargo handling or bunkering operations.

These highly efficient underwater cleaning machines allow vessels of any type to be cleaned while the ship is loading, unloading, at anchor, at pier, in the roadstead or in the open sea. They also make it possible to clean stationary hydro technical structures and pipelines.

This technology can be used for removing any growth from wooden, metal, concrete, plastic or aluminum based alloy surfaces. The underwater Cavi-jet cleaning system produce environmentally safe cavitating streams of outboard water that do not damage the hull or the protective coating. The machines are made of corrosion-proof materials and do not need periodic replacement of tools and consumables during operation. This equipment is absolutely harmless to divers.

The newest Cavi-Jet cleaning technology and equipment substantially saves time and money (especially - fuel consumption) while providing high quality results.