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Cavi-Jet Technology
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Why clean Technology Equipment Application


The uniquely designed and patented Cavi-Jet technology and equipment is developed to clean underwater surfaces:

  • Sea-craft, ships and freshwater vessels of different classes
    (tankers, dry cargo ships, yachts, cutters)
  • Stationary hydro technical structures (piers, moles, moorages)
  • Sea platforms for various purposes (oil, gas extraction)
  • Pipelines and other stationary submarine objects
Watch Video and Photo Demos of the Cavi-Jet equipment in Action!

Underwater cleaning Cavi-Jet technology is based on the cavitation effect.

Cavi-Jet pistol Cavi-Jet head Cavi-Jet  head

Effectiveness and innovation* of underwater hull cleaning Cavi-Jet equipment:

  • Efficient and high quality cleaning (up to 2500 m2/hour) without docking
  • Rapid cleaning (up to 1000 m2/hour) of curved and hard-to-get surfaces (propellers, rudders, kingston, supports of hydro technical structures, pipelines)
  • Fast and effective cleaning of hard and thick (over 30 mm) marine growth
  • Environmentally safe (uses only outboard water)
  • Safety for divers
  • No damage to paint and varnish coatings on surfaces being cleaned
  • No need for replacement of tools and consumables during operation
  • Operates around-the-clock without interruption
  • No need for special training for divers
  • Equipment can be moved on a trailer or small boat
  • Ability to clean any surfaces (metal, aluminum, plastic, wood, concrete etc.)
  • Operates on piers, roadsteads and at open sea
  • Cleaning before planned docking
  • Highly reliable equipment that does not require maintenance
  • Choice of level, speed and cleaning modes (the hull can be cleaned to bare metal)
  • Application of standard above-water pumping utilities (150 - 200 l/min,
    150 - 200 bar)
  • Remote above-water control system (including programmable control).

* In comparison with existing underwater cleaning methods!